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Visit Shanklin Advertising Terms & Conditions:

1) Picture & Text Quality

1.1 All pictures and text submitted will be inspected on quality. Visit Shanklin reserves the right to reject any substandard material.

1.2 During the 12 month advertising period advertisers can contact Visit Shanklin on two separate occasions to make content changes.

2) Payment Terms

2.1 Payment for web advertising must be made in cash or via BACS in a single transaction.

2.2 Advertising will run for 12 months from the date your advert is made ‘live’.

2.3 Towards the end of the 12 months we will contact you regarding your web advertising renewal. Should you wish to cancel, Visit Shanklin will require notice via email or letter.

2.4 If the advertisement charge is not paid the advertising contract and the provision for this service shall automatically terminate and the advertisement will be removed from the website.

2.5 Payment must be received before advertising is made ‘live’.

3) Cancellation & Refunds

Upon receiving confirmation, you will be committed to this service period indicated by Visit Shanklin. It is the responsibility of the business to advise Visit Shanklin in writing/email if the advertising is no longer required. The advertisement will then be removed by Visit Shanklin. Visit Shanklin do not offer refunds for any cancelled advertising.

4) Booking

4.1 Advertising is open to businesses in the PO37 postcode area.

4.2 Accommodation providers must be a member of SHAA to have a web advertising page.

4.3 Bookings will only be considered by Visit Shanklin once email/written confirmation has been made.

4.4 Visit Shanklin has the right to refuse advertising bookings at their discretion.

4.5 Once payment has been received Visit Shanklin aim to make the web advertising ‘live’ within 7-10 working days. Please note that this is based on the advertiser providing the relevant detailed information to setup this web advertising.

4.6 A confirmation email will be sent by Visit Shanklin to the advertiser once the features are ‘live’ on the website detailing the valid date of the advertising.

5) Liability

5.1 Full liability for the cost of the entry resides with the business that has sent the confirmation of advertising. At no time can the liability for the entry be passed to a third party. It is not the responsibility of Visit Shanklin to recover the cost from a third party.

5.2 Visit Shanklin reserves the right to place advertisements in accordance with the design and functionality of the website.

5.3 By sending confirmation of the advertising the business confirms that the destination website URL for their advertisement is the address of a bona fide website owned by the advertiser(s) website agent designer, and that the content on the individual website is accurate.

5.4 Visit Shanklin reserves the right to refuse or terminate the advertising contract and remove the advertisement from the website if, in our reasonable opinion, the advertisers conduct, or the content or destination website has (or would) cause offence or has brought, or would bring us, or any other party, into disrepute if we continued to provide the advertisement.

5.5 Visit Shanklin reserves the right to, at any time, edit or alter the design, presentation, content and functionality of the website and advertiser pages as necessary and without notice.

5.6 You acknowledge and accept that computer and telecommunications systems are not fault free and may from time to time require periods of downtime (being periods during which the website is not available to consumers) for the purposes of repair, maintenance and upgrading. Accordingly, we do not guarantee uninterrupted availability of the website. You accept that you shall have no claim for breach of contract or otherwise in respect of any such period of unavailability.

6) Privacy

6.1 Visit Shanklin’s privacy policy can be viewed here https://www.visitshanklin.co.uk/privacy-cookie-policy/

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