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Plastic Free Shanklin

The plastic problem around the globe is now very well known. There are many organisations and some governments making big changes in law and policy to combat the use of Single Use Plastics and to clean up the oceans. But if everyone does their part the result will be much bigger.

Plastic Free Shanklin was established in 2018 to assist people in Shanklin in reducing Single Use Plastics in business, groups and at home, to achieve the Surfers Against Sewage ‘Plastic Free Community’ status.

Many Shanklin Hotel and Accommodation Association members have signed up to reduce their own use of single use plastics such as water bottles, toiletries, condiments and plastics in kitchens and would like your help as a visitor. What can you do?

The main culprits are takeaway coffee cups and their lids, plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic water bottles, cotton buds, balloons and cigarette butts. We ask you to avoid these things altogether. Sit in and drink your coffee or bring a reusable coffee cup with you. Refuse the straw even if it says it’s biodegradable. If it ends up in the sea it WILL NOT biodegrade. Bring your own bags with you on holiday, especially if you are in self catering accommodation. Bring a refillable water bottle with you and download the Refill App for locations where you can top up your water for free. 29,000 water bottles were removed in SAS beach cleans in 2017. Think before you flush. Only Pee, Poo and Paper. Everything else goes in the bin. Try to avoid using single use toiletries, shower caps, sponges and cotton buds – Many small items whilst made from recyclable material often are not separated in hotels or are not big enough to be recycled. Cotton buds are not recyclable and are often flushed down the toilet and can end up in the sea. Balloons. If you must have balloons take care not to release them. The release of balloons on IOW land is forbidden (including beaches). They will not break down and the cords are often found tangled up in marine life and birds. If you have to smoke please BIN THE BUTT. Last but not least try to avoid condiment sachets. They are not recyclable. If you can’t avoid them don’t let them blow away. And talk to people. Ask what the restaurant or accommodation provider is doing to combat single use plastics. You’ll be amazed at how much is being cut down behind the scenes.

Plastic Free Shanklin are not just about plastic, but cutting out unnecessary waste in general. To achieve the Surfers Against Sewage accreditation certain objectives have to be met involving local government, businesses, schools & community groups.

The beach and town cleans you will see when you visit are conducted by the Plastic Free Shanklin steering group and volunteers willing to give up their time to help out.

If you would like to join in a clean please visit the Plastic Free Shanklin Facebook page for dates.

Shanklin Green Towns Project

The Green Towns Project has been running for approximately nine years in Shanklin.  The idea is to encourage local communities to take action to improve their town’s environment and there are a number of benefits for all concerned.  Recruiting volunteers to our Green Streets Scheme helps to improve the appearance of the town for locals and visitors alike and we have recently linked with Plastic Free Shanklin so they will be organising future beach cleans and litter picks.  This leaves Green Towns with responsibility for a number of planted areas including the War Memorial and Library gardens; Tower Gardens; Falcon Cross and Florence Road planted areas and (our biggest project) the station garden, forecourt tubs and hanging baskets.  Future plans may include formally adopting the station to secure more funding.

We support the protection of greenfield sites, use of water and energy-saving devices, distributing these when available and have links with Amey to promote more and better recycling.


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